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I'm Gill, mum to my son Tyler who is getting married very soon and boy am I excited about that.  I live my partner Gareth who has two grown-up daughters and two wonderful grandsons. We've been together since 2016 so not that long really.

Previously I was involved in two abusive relationships, one being physically abusive , the second being emotionally abusive. The second relationship was when anxiety started for me I think. It was the most horrendous experience , panic attacks , low self esteem , a total lack of belief in myself and my decisions even feeling suicidal at one point.

Though counselling and antidepressants did help to a certain extent, it was studying NLP , Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy that really helped me to see things differently , to let go of what I thought I was entitled to keep hold of, the things I was keeping hold of that were actually holding me back if that makes sense. I knew I could support other people , men and women to overcome their anxieties , depression and limiting beliefs too.

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