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    16-week 1:1 signature coaching programme

    Becoming me

    Developed from a blend of NLP coaching, hypnotherapy and timeline therapy, Becoming Me continues to transform the lives of my clients. Through recognising and acknowledging your triggers, you’ll learn how to overcome and release what’s holding you back, so that you’re empowered to create the path you actually want to take. Through your new lens, you’ll be able to step into a life of freedom, confidence and possibility, and you’ll finally be able to create the life you really want.

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    You're ready to shed the old patterns and start living your life with more ease, confidence and self-trust

    You're ready to acknowledge and heal your triggers, so that you can step into a life of freedom, flexibility and peace

    You're ready to ditch what’s holding you back and bridge the gap between where you are right now, and the life you want to create

    You're ready to build a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and create a new sense of freedom and possibility

    What my clients say...

    "First time I had a conversation with Gill I was very hesitant because I has some bad experiences with counsellors and mental health specialists. But Gill is amazing she has guided me on a journey of self-development, she has helped me to relax at work and in my personal life, and that has improved my life so much that I got better in my line of work, my relationship with my partner has improved, and my relationship with family has improved."

    – Karolis

    "Gill has absolutely changed my life. A few months ago I was at rock bottom. I have tried various therapists and anti depressants since 16 years of age and still kept going back to the same feeling. She has given me a new outlook and ways to cope/deal with things that I’d been fighting for years. Thank you Gill x."

    – Helen

    "I was recommended to Gill when I was going through an extremely turbulent time in my life. I couldn't see the light at the end of tunnel after my husband left our family home with his daughter, without any prior warning and left me with all our financial commitments. This left me feeling insecure, scared of my future and going through a period of mourning for both my husband and my step daughter. Gill has been incredible in piecing me back together. The thing I love about Gill, is that the session were tailored to me."

    – Michelle


    About Me

    Hi, I’m Gill and I’m an experienced coach with a background in mental health nursing. I use a blend of NLP coaching, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy to guide you through the exact steps you need to take to create a life of freedom, ease and self-trust.

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    Want a taster of my coaching?

    In this 90-minute 1:1 coaching call, we’ll get you picturing the life you want to create through a simple, tried and tested exercise. We’ll then carve out a plan for you to create a life of endless possibilities.

    I'm sure you've got questions. I've got answers.

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